Completed: 2015
Duration: 3 weeks

Vertafore XD Sales Conference Signage.


Vertafore's XD team tapped me to create compelling booth graphics that would communicate, educate and share with their Sales counterparts who they are, what they do, how they do it, and why they do what they do at Vertafore's 2015 Annual Sales Conference. The theme of the conference was named Oceans of Opportunity, so the designs needed to carry a nautical look and feel.


The Vertafore Sales team were the primary target audience for the signage.

Booth Space

Starting out, we needed to understand the layout and real estate of the XD booth space, giving clarity of the types of graphics we could use to help us tell the team story. A single large backdrop banner would be used to anchor the overall space. Two standing banners would sit just outside of the booth to welcome visitors and four other standing banners would be used to show more content about the team.


Once clarity of the space was sorted, we ideated on how we would tell the XD team story through the printed graphics. XD presented the idea of crafting the print content to look more like a web interface but to weave the nautical theme somehow through photography or graphics. In keeping with that spirit, I looked at Pinterest and agency websites that showcased their teams, portfolio of work, and processes for inspiration.


This inspired the idea to treat the large backdrop banner as the “homepage,” and the other smaller banners as internal site pages for About, Services, and Work where the goal was to creating visually engaging content that sparked conversation between XD and Sales.

Then I began sketching the content layout and organizing XD artifacts across the signage. We iterated rapidly over a short amount of time, increasing the level of fidelity of the designs – layering and experimenting with beautiful and inspring nautical photography, colors, typography and iconography to create a modern web interface.


The result was a cohesive visual system using common user interface patterns to present the team and overall campaign. Large nautical imagery paired with a soft teal threaded throughout the signage was used to anchor the design, while the UI components, icons, and typography on a card-based interface layout brought the design together. Design deliverables over the 3-week turnaround period included a large 20 foot backdrop vinyl banner, 6 standing retractable banners and a printed business card.

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