Completed: 2017
Duration: 3 weeks

Vertafore XD NetVU17 Customer Conference.


Vertafore's XD team needed a signature look and feel to promote the Design Lab for an upcoming customer conference named NetVU17, in Nashville, TN. Deliverables included stand-up booth graphics, large column wraps, postcards, poster board stickers, an email blast and a web page. The purpose of the Design Lab was to invite customers to participate in ideation, prototypes and usability tests of product UI, so it was up to me to create a distinctive look that would grab audience attention and appeal.


Starting out, I needed to know the layout and real estate of where the Design Lab would be located, which helped guide me in identifying the types of graphics I could use. I coordinated directly with the Marketing team to get a map of the venue, including finding a photo of the previous year's booth set-up for reference, and had direct communication with signage vendors to discuss print options, specs and deadlines.

From there, I had frequent touchbases with the Director of Experience Design to run through campaign ideas from identifying deliverables and timelines of various customer communication channels to ensure a successful rollout.


Inspired by street art around the world, I looked at how art was used in physical spaces from the provocative and inspiring to the funny.


Starting with the booth space and having a firm requirement that the graphics needed to carry a Vertafore brand through font and the color orange, I started ideating on as many concepts that aimed to grab audience attention and interest. I imagined tentacles wrapping around a column and up booth stands that can be seen from across a large conference center.

Another exploration was the concept of Vertafore customers and the diversity of user personas we serve. I doodled little characters that would represent XD and customers alike, and a skyline of Nashville to tie in the city.

I also traced a zipper illustration, using it to further my concept of "unveiling" these characters from behind the Vertafore orange brand.


Sharing my concepts with the Director of Experience Design, we landed on the zipper and character concept. I then refined the artwork and began applying the concept across the booth graphics, postcard design and digital properties so I had a clear articulation of the brand look and feel.

I traced the map venue to create my own version for the postcard design and carried the street art concept into large stickers that would adhere to Mad Lib poster boards spread out throughout the conference center.

I worked directly with Marketing to understand the platform of the NetVU17 site and created assets for the Design Lab page.


The result was a fun and approachable brand that captured the spirit of the Vertafore XD team.

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