Completed: 2013
Duration: ~3-4 months

Neo Property Portfolio Management Web App.


Start-up comopany, Neo, needed a prototype of a property portfolio management app branded as NeoComStruct, which would serve as a resource/tool for wireless carriers to list sites where small cells are required and for infrastructure owners to manage their infrastructures in partnership with Neo.

To reach parity with similar products, the app needed to be designed for desktop, enabling users to easily search and browse through real estate properties with clear, advanced search selections and filtering capabilities. And properties needed to be displayed as location markers/indicators on an interactive U.S. map.

What I Did

With browse and search as the core functions of the experience, the search area was placed prominently on the page and presents users with advanced filters to drill down results. Search results were presented in two view modes – as a map and in table form.

On top of using Google Maps to leverage features like zoom in/zoom out, satellite/terrain views, and Street Views, we created custom markers to help visualize the different types of of properties – bridges, buildings, bus stops, houses, etc. To visually communicate multiple properties in close proximity to each other, we implemented large numbers to show clusters that would break apart on lower zoom levels.

The table of search results surfaces additional data points of property information that help users to make an informed selection as to which property they want to view in detail.

The property detail page highlights a property's location on the map with additional infrastructure details, and a form containing a small set of fields with a clear call-to-action enable users to quickly, clearly and easily reserve that property.

For infrastructure owners managing their properties, we provided them with a simple, 3-step guided experience to list new sites.

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