Launched in 2015

MTN Terrestrial Broadband Network Dashboard.


MTN, a VSAT satellite provider to vessels at sea and in port, asked me to redesign their web-based Terrestrial Broadband Network (TBN) dashboard. The goal was to allow onboard engineers who managed the cruise ships' Internet connection and communication services, to easily switch between VSAT and terrestrial broadband network modes. In addition to that, engineers also needed a clear line of sight into their vessel's bandwidth availability.

What I Did

We began by defining the user needs, value propositions the web console would serve, key features, technical requirements, as well as issues, risks and dependencies. In addition to defining a brief of what we wanted to design, we also looked at MTN's current system and data source, the Intelligent Router, and identified what and how best to visualize the data on the web console.

We continually iterated on concepts from low to high fidelity wireframes and comps in the design phase as well as into the build phase, ensuring the charts and graphs we crafted best visualized the data sources in a way that made the most sense to our users.


The new web console carries a modern and well-balanced look and feel of a dashboard that is responsive and can flexibly scale up with additional features in the future.

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