Launched: 2014
Duration: ~4 weeks

Microsoft /build Mobile App.


The Microsoft Azure team needed a logo identity and visual designs for a facilities request app in two form factors - Windows Store and mobile - which was shown at a /build conference. The idea was to allow a building tenant to submit a facility request through the app, and in turn, a facilities maintenance manager would be able to view a list of all facility requests, including geolocation and status.

What I Did

For this mobile design, I used a “content first” approach that stripped away unnecessary elements and UI, creating a minimalistic environment where layout, images and typography had great prominence for both the content and the navigation between pages.

The grid-based list view for the facility requests creates hierarchy and organization, and the typography was crucial for navigation. For example, type was used as tabs to create fluid transitions between pages/states. Minimal use of icons to signify actions mixed with a bright saturated blue layered with touches of dark blue and grays enhance the content and structure.

The result is a modern, balanced design built for touch interaction, fluidity, and content accessibility.

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