My Story

Designer, Mom of 2, Bookworm, Cooking Enthusiast, Traveler

Before I was a designer, I was an artist. My earliest memory was when I was a small child. I would draw shapes, people and animals using colored pencils and black chalk, or whatever I could find around the house, in my notebooks, on the walls (that didn't go over well with my parents) or all over my encyclopedias (remember those?).
I loved art so much that I continued my pursuit through college. The journey and process (or lack thereof) of art was quite interesting because not only did it aim to inspire wonder and awe, it had no structure or reason for existing -- it only asked “why?”, filling no need except its own internal need to challenge the viewer.
But then I took a web design course and found I was better suited to design. Why? Because I enjoyed the process of solving problems. I was no longer interested in posing unanswerable questions for the world to ponder. I was more interested in understanding the world around me and creating solutions to help make it better. If my designs inspire awe and wonder, that's cool, but it’s it’s not the reason why I create. I design because I get to help make people’s lives better in ways they may not see or know or appreciate, but without which would be lost.
Now with more then a decade of experience, I've helped startups to global brands connect with their customers by getting to know who I'm designing for – their behaviors, habits, environments, needs, goals, expectations, etc. so that together, we create the right product for the right people.
When I’m not designing, I’m cooking, traveling, reading, binge watching shows, playing on the beach, dancing around the house and spending time with the greatest loves of my life — my husband and two boys.
Design Approach

From idea to launch – a well-tuned, lean and collaborative design process.


Through competitive analysis, user research, market activity and analytics, we identify trends and truths about your business.


We define user stories and scenarios, and identify, prioritize and eliminate any usability obstacles on key user journeys.


We brainstorm ideas and ideate on them through user-flow diagrams, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, and technical requirements.


Multiple design concepts for the UI like color, typography, iconography and layout are introduced, which are refined until we reach the desired solution.


After design, I begin the build phase to make the design fully functional, leveraging solid and tested, yet forward-thinking technology to bring the idea to life.


To ensure that there are no glitches, we go through a Quality Assurance check where we test that every function and interaction is working as planned.


Once the design has passed testing, analytics are typically integrated and the design goes live! And all assets, logins and other info are delivered to you.


For ongoing alliances, I offer maintenance plans and agreements for continued learning and improvements to help your business grow.

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